I lost 5kgs and a whole lot of cms..


Hi Brendan

Just to let you know, I have lost 5 kg and a whole lot of cms I would say a size down , Its my 9th day [...] Continue Reading…

I lost 4 kgs in the right places…


Thank you so much for your 7 day weight loss program. I have lost 4 kgs in the right places ie. the stomach and waist. I feel so [...] Continue Reading…

Your diet has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Hi Brendan

Your diet has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, there are no words to describe how i feel about it. I was 110kg [...] Continue Reading…

Fruits Substitutes


How’s your juicing going?

If you have committed yourself to adding fresh juices to your food repertoire, there may be times when you see a juice recipe you like, but [...] Continue Reading…

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Check Your pH Levels


Check Your pH Levels

The foods we put in our bodies greatly affect our health, or lack thereof. Every bite, every morsel, every drop of liquid that passes through [...] Continue Reading…

Alkalinity vs. Acidity


In our article, “Check Your ph Levels”, we expressed the importance in maintaining an alkaline body to ward off disease and stay healthy.
As a simple guide, we have provided [...] Continue Reading…

Watercress or Kangkong - The Must-Eat Green


Watercress or Kangkong is vitamin-and nutrient-packed superfood. It is rich in vitamins A and C and boasts an entire day’s worth of vitamin K. Vitamin K helps keep [...] Continue Reading…

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Drink Your Almond Milk


Ever since we could hold up a glass by ourselves and drink its contents, we have been taught that “milk is good for us”. “Milk builds strong bones [...] Continue Reading…

Choose Fresh Over Processed


If you are still getting back on track to eating healthily and reclaiming your figure, one easy way to do this without having to take out the calorie counter [...] Continue Reading…

Did you know that music affects life’s longevity?


According to Dr. Mao music has a long history of therapeutic use. Music helps bring balance, boosts brain power, helps us live longer.

Classical music and meditation music were found [...] Continue Reading…

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