How do I get enough protein from juicing?


When I started the juice program, I followed the diet for 7 days exactly the way it was prescribed. I lost 4.4kg which I was very happy with and decided to do it for another 7days. My gym instructor was concerned about my lack of protein and suggested that I introduce a sugar free protein shake into my juice diet, which I did. My unhappiness started when I got onto the scale and for two days the needle did not move an inch. Did I perhaps mess up the dynamics of the combinations of the fruit and vegetable juices? Do you think by taking the protein shake, it interfered with the juice diet ? Please advise.

What most people are not aware of is that a lot of fruits and vegetables–especially leafy greens–have an even higher, first-grade content of protein than the food that you normally intake.┬áSo there is no need to worry about the lack of protein or being protein deficient when you are juicing or if you are on a vegetarian diet. Having the protein shake during the program may have disrupted the detoxification process because some of its ingredients may have toxins that start to build up in the body again. This therefore slows down or even completely stops the cleansing and weight loss effects of the juicing program.

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