10 POUNDS in 7 DAYS?!?


I would like to know what the physiological reason is for the weight loss? Surely it is not just the proverbial “detox”? Can you give me a short explanation why a juice diet would make you lose up to 10lbs in one week? Even a cutback in calories with drinking only veggie and fruit juice makes it seem impossible - or too good to be true.

There are many different forms of detox diets, my JumpStart Program focuses on detoxifying your body as well as weight loss.  The secret to its success lies in giving your digestive system a well earned rest to allow your body to release toxicity, whilst at the same time giving it enough nourishment to aid healing the body and give it enough energy for daily functions.

Fat often works as a defense mechanism for your body to protect your vital organs from toxic waste. Your body is designed to put its primary energy into breaking down food, so by giving your digestive system a break it has all this available energy to tend to healing your body and flushing out toxins. Once the toxins are gone the fat has no need to hang around and can be quickly flushed out of your body. My specially selected fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipes from a juice extractor machine help prepare the body for rapid weight loss, help eliminate bloating, water retention and the flushing of toxins and the fat. There are different recipes for different times of the day, as well as each day as you progress through the entire 7 days.

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