Hi Brendan. I’m totally impressed.


Hi Brendan. I started the jumpstart diet on Saturday and I must say I am totally impressed. I don’t feel hungry at all and have loads of energy. I have lost 2kg (last night) and hoping to loose a lot more. I totally understand how you say in your book that once the diet is completed what you do to keep the weight off is up to you. I have finally realized that what you eat is what you get out. I must say I cannot stand cucumber but i’m drinking it. I also instead of juicing the herbs I cut them into very small pieces cause feel that way I get to actually drink them. I have to also admit that I am craving “Chewing” not food but the actual chewing of the food, but I am sure I will get through it. I will mail you once I have completed on Sat. Thanks once again.

Lisa M.
South Africa

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