I lost 7 kgs and never felt better…


comments: Hello Brendan, I have to say thank you so much for designing this programme. I completed my 7 days yesterday and iv lost 7 kg, i have never felt better. You removed 3 years of peanut butter and white bread, along with pregnancy fat in just one week. You also released a new energy from day 1. I was never hungry, had no cravings. In fact, i tried to take a little bite of chocolate today and the smell of caffeine put me off completely. :) The best part is that i can feel my stomach muscles when i pull it tight.
They were non existant before! Miracle, thank you thank you thank you. Iv asked God to bestow his richest blessings upon you. Please tell me which juice is best to drink to maintain my weight, the grapefruit, cabbage or lettuce? My favourites are peachy keen, beetle juice and cappise :)

Kind Regards
Capetown, South Africa

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