I did the program twice… I feel great & lost 10kg!


Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 2:40 PM

I started the jumpstart program on Monday since i was on leave and I’m on my fifth day today. I must say so far I’m in brilliant shape and happy. I was 92kg on Sunday. This morning on Friday–day 5 of the Jump Start Program–I’m 88kg.


Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 6:25 PM

Your program is amazing. Up to date I’m eating right for my diet with ease, and I enjoy my fruits and vegetables. I’ve now to date lost 10kg. I’m feeling magnificent and my fiancé can’t stop talking about how young and sexy I look.


Ndiafhi Rerani

Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

South Africa


No More Cravings!!


Hallo Brendan,

Thank you for your 7 day Jump Start Programme, I did it and lost 6kg in the 7 days and I am feeling great, still juicing every day and I enjoy it. Your program really helped me to reduce my cravings and I barely think of unhealthy foods, its really nice.

Its a fantastic feeling to be able to wear pants that didn’t fit anymore and gives my self-confidence a great boost.


Nadine Smith

South Africa

Fantastic Jump Start


Hi Brendan,

Last year in September 2008, I saw a TV advert about your program. My husband Louis and I were very skeptical, but we decided to buy it and try it. We had a relatively healthy lifestyle, but had both slowly picked up weight over the years. I tried various diets, but nothing helped.

We started juicing and since September 2008, I have lost 8 kilos (17 pounds), Louis has lost 11 kilos (24 pounds), and we are still losing! ABSOLUTELY amazing. We have done the whole program twice with a break of 4 weeks in between. I have not put back any of the weight I lost and neither has Louis. We now have juice in the morning, a light lunch and a normal dinner (small piece of meat/chicken/fish and steamed vegetables and salad).

We both still have weight to lose and it is coming off slowly. We plan to do the 7 day program again to help accelerate the loss, but even if it takes another year to lose the rest, we will be happy. I want to lose another 4 to 5 kilos and Louis wants to lose another 5 to 6 kilos.

I have recommended your program to friends and family, many of whom have also tried it. Every one that has done your program has lost weight.

Thanks for sharing your program.

South Africa

Lost 7.5 kg!


Good day Brendan,

Firstly I would like to thank you for this program.

My story is as follows: I have been watching your advert on TV for quite sometime. My wife wanted me to lose weight through exercising.

Even though I did not feel the need to lose weight, but every year I gained a kilogram, though it was little as it was for a whole year, but when I got to 103kg red lights went off inside of me.

I am only 26 years old and newly married. I needed to make a plan. I did the program. It was hard work drinking the stuff but seven days is a short period to lose 7.5kg.

I didn’t like the beetroot juice, but enjoyed most of the other drinks. Now my family and friends are all buying your product because it really works and the news just keeps on spreading.

I am still losing weight, and my lifestyle has change dramatically. I am glad I bought a product that finally works.

Can’t wait to detox again in the future.

Thanks again,


South Africa


I couldn’t have done it without the support from my wife.

I’m thrilled of how great I feel and how fast this has worked on me!


Hi Brendan,

Well, in the first place, let me congratulate you for this amazing work that you have done.  I’m a dancer, graphic designer and tv producer, male, 28 years old. Today is my fourth day with the JSJ and I’ve already lost 8 pounds. I’m thrilled of how great I feel and how fast this has worked on me. You’ll hear from me on Wednesday when I’m done. I’ll send you my pics.  Well, the reason I wrote you is because I want to know if I can do the program two times in a row (14 days). The truth is that I’d love to shed  a few more pounds like 20 (17 to go). I read your story and I know you lost 21.  Just in case I don’t get there can I continue?

Well, hope to hear from you soon,

Thanks again,


From 76kg to 70kg and working on getting down to 60kg


Good Day,

I just want to say thanks for a great program. I’ve done the 7 days Jump Start and I am doing it again just because it is so nice and I feel great. I want to go to my normal weight of 60kg. I am now 70 from 76.

Thank you!

Celia S.

From 155 Pounds to 115 Pounds


First of all I want to say “Thank You So Much” for discovering the Jump Start Juice Program. My friends were amazed when they saw me. They couldn’t believe the 155 pounds to be 115 pounds now. I love my body now and I’m happy with the results. At first I was really skeptical with your juice program but… what would I lose if I tried it since I’ve been in yoyo diets, in gyms but everything failed me. When I started your juice program, by my second day I lost almost 5 pounds. I couldn’t believe what I saw on my weighing scale but I was happy. It motivated me more to continue. I never lost a pound in the gym in one week and when I did it took a lot of time and I just gained it back. Now, I can wear my jeans from when I was still in highschool as a result of the your 7 day Jump Start Juice Program. Would you belive that!!!! It’s really AMAZING. Now my sister and friends are excited to do the juice program. I’m happy to share my success with them and to live a healthy and sexier life.

I have a question since my friends are also interested to try it… Would it be ok if they do the juice program if they are diabetic or they have high blood pressure since the juice program is a meal replacement?  Wouldn’t it affect them in anyway?

I feel a difference already and it’s only day 4!



Today is day 4, and I must say I can honestly feel a difference already.

In the mornings I have so much energy and feel great – usually I’d wish the day were already over so that I could crawl back in bed!

Thank you

I lost 20kg!


Apreciado señor Brendan, le escribo desde Chimichagua Cesar (Colombia) para agradecerle por su interes en mejorar la calidad de vida de personas obesas, como yo, desde hace tiempo intentaba bajar de peso con varios productos del mercado, pues mi salud en consecuencia se estaba afectando (HTA, Hiperglicemia) desde que vi su Infomercial en television me motivè mucho por los testimonios que vi, a parte senti que era algo bueno, conte con el apoyo de mi esposo quien fue la persona que me insentivò a iniciar la dieta propuesta en el programa.

Adquirì su producto en una tienda de mi pais e inicie con gran esfuerzo y dedicacion mi primer ciclo de dieta, fue algo dificil adaptarme pero mi fuerza de voluntad me hizo resistir, y obtuve grandiosos resultados por lo que hoy me atrevo con gran cariño y agradecimiento a decirle GRACIAS, esta dieta cambio mi vida, he hecho 4 dietas y he bajado un total de 20 kilos, desaparecieron mis trastornos metabolicos, me iento mas joven, radiante, activa, vital, el cambio ha sido fisico, metabolico y emocional, mejoro mi autoestima, Que el señor le Bendiga mucho y mi testimonio si lo necesitare estoy dispuesta a brindarselo con fotos.

Deseo seguir las dietas al menos 1 vez cada 3 meses pero la zona donde vivo es rural y dificil para hallar los Esparragos, queria saber con que otra verdura o fruta podria reemplazarlo o si los esparragos conservados me pueden servir.

Espero su `pronta respuesta, gracias.


Maria Milvia

My reply:

Hola Maria Milvia, El buen día y le agradece por su email. ¡Guau ésa es noticias maravillosas que usted ha perdido 20kgs! Y me alegro alegre oír que el programa ha cambiado su vida. Gracias por sus palabras buenas sobre el programa. Usted puede repetir sí el programa. Ha habido los casos adonde algo va en el programa una vez al mes cada mes, algunos va en el programa cada otra semana y hay incluso los que van en el programa por dos semanas rectas. Depende realmente de cómo si usted siente su cuerpo está listo para ir en el programa otra vez. Cerciórese de sin embargo que durante el tiempo que usted no está en el programa, usted coma tan sano como usted puede comiendo las porciones de frutas y verdura frescas y de estancia lejos de la carne tanto cuanto sea posible. Si usted quisiera tomar el programa por dos semanas, sugeriría para comenzar el el día 5 y para repetir el proceso. Así pues, por ejemplo:

El día 8 sería las recetas del jugo del día 5 en el libro

El día 9 sería las recetas del jugo del día 6

El día 10 sería las recetas del jugo del día 7

El día 11 sería las recetas del jugo del día 5

El día 12 sería las recetas del jugo del día 6

El día 13 sería las recetas del jugo del día 7

El día 14 sería las recetas del jugo del día 5

Sugeriría que usted intente por 2 semanas primero y si usted siente que su cuerpo puede todavía continuar encendido para otra semana entonces lo haga tan. En cuanto al espárrago, si usted no puede encontrarlas en su área usted puede substituirlas por las zanahorias o el pepino. Usted puede utilizar el cociente de 6 tallos es igual a un zanahoria o pepino. Espero que vaya todo bien y me dejo saber si usted tiene cualesquiera otras preguntas y le vuelvo cuanto antes. ¡El juicing feliz!  Brendan

Hello Maria Milvia,

Good day and thank you for your email.

Wow that is wonderful news that you have lost 20kgs! And I am glad to hear that the program has changed your life. Thank you for your kind words about the program.

Yes you may repeat the program. There have been instances where some go on the program once a month every month, some go on the program every other week and there are even those that go on the program for two straight weeks. It really depends on how if you feel your body is ready to go on the program again. Do make sure though that during the time that you are not on the program, you eat as healthy as you can by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from meat as much as possible.

If you would like to take the program for two weeks, I would suggest to start on day 5 and repeat the process.

So, for example:
Day 8 would be the juice recipes of Day 5 in the book
Day 9 would be the juice recipes of Day 6
Day 10 would be the juice recipes of Day 7
Day 11 would be the juice recipes of Day 5
Day 12 would be the juice recipes of Day 6
Day 13 would be the juice recipes of Day 7
Day 14 would be the juice recipes of Day 5

I would suggest that you try for 2 weeks first and if you feel that your body can still continue on for another week then do so.

As for the asparagus, if you can not find them in your area you may replace them with carrots or cucumber. You may use the ratio of 6 stalks is equal to one carrot or cucumber.

I hope that all goes well and do let me know if you have any other questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy juicing!




Hi there!

I have been on umpteen diets before but the juice diet is the first that I’ve tried where my energy is not depleted by the end of each day. On previous diets I just did not have the energy to drag myself to gym. Now I go to gym every night and complete my 1 hour workout with ease. I feel great. It’s actually amazing!



Cape Town, South Africa

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