Fruits Substitutes


How’s your juicing going?

If you have committed yourself to adding fresh juices to your food repertoire, there may be times when you see a juice recipe you like, but unfortunately the fruit is not yet in season and cannot be obtained anywhere. Here are some substitute fruits you can use that will give the same nutrient kick your body needs.

The taste of the juices will vary somewhat. However, the chosen substitute fruits provide more or less the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as the fruit originally required in the recipe.

1. If cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon are unavailable, replace with cucumber. Cucumbers and melons belong to the same family along with squash, gourds and pumpkins. Both cucumbers and melons are a good source of vitamin C and folic acid. They are also excellent sources of magnesium and a variety of important minerals. If you find the taste of the juice lacking in sweetness, adding half an apple or fresh-squeezed orange juice should do the trick.

2. If grapefruit is unavailable, replace with a similar amount of orange, lemon or pomelo juice.

3. If peach is unavailable, replace with a nectarine, which belongs to the same family of peaches. If neither is to be found, replace the fruit with carrot and pear.

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Did you know that sugar can make you look older?


Everyone knows that sugar is one of the biggest if not the biggest obstacle when it comes to controlling weight. But it’s also a major, and often underestimated, factor in aging, thanks to glycation.

Glycation is a process in which oxidized glucose covers the surface of proteins in the body, such as collagen, making them work less efficiently. New Jersey-based plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Giampapa says “the visible effects of glycation are premature wrinkles, puffy-looking skin, inflammation of the skin, and excess body fat near the waistline.”

Apparently, when blood sugar rises, sugar attaches itself to collagen fibers in our skin making them more brittle. This makes the skin less elastic and resilient. So your youthful looking skin begins to look saggy and old. Not only this, but a rise in blood sugar can also cause inflammation in the tissue, which also results in accelerated aging. Not to mention the fact that sugar is also linked with things like weight gain, lack of concentration, mood swings, irritability, and depression.

Obviously, reducing sugar-intake can curb this effect. Aside from checking how many grams of sugar a food item has in the Nutrition Facts section of its label, look in the ingredients for words like fructose, corn syrup, glucose, dextrose, maltose and sucrose. These are all other names for sugar and sugary ingredients, so do your best to limit or avoid them.

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Fiber — Good or Bad?


Hi, I just bought a Jump Start Program in the Dominican Republic. It looks great. I have a question about the fruit and veggie fiber.  I have always heard that fiber is good for intestinal transits and for other things, but in your program we are taking out the fiber. Why is that? Please explain it to me. Thanks, Jose


Hello Jose,

Good day and thank you for your email.

Great to hear that you have just bought the Jump Start Program and I hope that you will be able to start on the program soon.

Yes, fiber is good for the body and the reason why we are taking out the fiber is so that you will be consuming purely liquid. If you read further in the book, it is explained there as to why we are giving your body a rest from digesting food so that it can focus more energy into flushing out the toxins that have been stored in your body. And when these toxins are flushed away, so will the fats that have been protecting your body from the toxins.

I hope that this has helped and if you have any other questions do let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy juicing!


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How do I get enough protein from juicing?


When I started the juice program, I followed the diet for 7 days exactly the way it was prescribed. I lost 4.4kg which I was very happy with and decided to do it for another 7days. My gym instructor was concerned about my lack of protein and suggested that I introduce a sugar free protein shake into my juice diet, which I did. My unhappiness started when I got onto the scale and for two days the needle did not move an inch. Did I perhaps mess up the dynamics of the combinations of the fruit and vegetable juices? Do you think by taking the protein shake, it interfered with the juice diet ? Please advise.

What most people are not aware of is that a lot of fruits and vegetables–especially leafy greens–have an even higher, first-grade content of protein than the food that you normally intake. So there is no need to worry about the lack of protein or being protein deficient when you are juicing or if you are on a vegetarian diet. Having the protein shake during the program may have disrupted the detoxification process because some of its ingredients may have toxins that start to build up in the body again. This therefore slows down or even completely stops the cleansing and weight loss effects of the juicing program.

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Coffee or tea?


Herbal Tea

Can I drink coffee or tea during the 7 day program?

The goal of the program is to flush out toxins from the body in order to remove the excess fats that surround these toxins. Taking caffeinated drinks adds more toxins to the body and therefore slows down your progress in the juicing program.

An alternative would be to take herbal teas with honey rather than sugar.

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Can I exercise during my juicing week?



Is it dangerous to not to get any salt in my diet while I am doing the Jump Start 7 Day Weight Loss Program? I run 2 - 3 km in the morning so I sweat as well.

It is not risky at all to have just small amounts of salt in your diet during the juicing week. Fruits and vegetables have a healthy level of sodium and potassium, so you will still be getting what your body needs to function properly. I would not suggest to do very strenuous exercises during the juicing week because your body may not be fully adjusted yet to this diet so you may feel weak at these times while your body is detoxifying. It would be best to give your body a rest and relax for just a couple of days. Walking, light weights, and yoga is alright while you are on the  juicing program.

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10 POUNDS in 7 DAYS?!?


I would like to know what the physiological reason is for the weight loss? Surely it is not just the proverbial “detox”? Can you give me a short explanation why a juice diet would make you lose up to 10lbs in one week? Even a cutback in calories with drinking only veggie and fruit juice makes it seem impossible - or too good to be true.

There are many different forms of detox diets, my JumpStart Program focuses on detoxifying your body as well as weight loss.  The secret to its success lies in giving your digestive system a well earned rest to allow your body to release toxicity, whilst at the same time giving it enough nourishment to aid healing the body and give it enough energy for daily functions.

Fat often works as a defense mechanism for your body to protect your vital organs from toxic waste. Your body is designed to put its primary energy into breaking down food, so by giving your digestive system a break it has all this available energy to tend to healing your body and flushing out toxins. Once the toxins are gone the fat has no need to hang around and can be quickly flushed out of your body. My specially selected fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipes from a juice extractor machine help prepare the body for rapid weight loss, help eliminate bloating, water retention and the flushing of toxins and the fat. There are different recipes for different times of the day, as well as each day as you progress through the entire 7 days.

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How much juice should I drink?


I made the mid morning drink just as the program recommends, and ended up with two large glasses worth of juice. Do I have to drink both, since one really fills me up?

The size of fruits really can throw everything out of sync… recipe-wise that is. The key is really drinking until you are full… if half a glass fills you up then that’s fine, if 2 glasses fills you up then that’s fine too. The quantity of juice is not really so important, just make sure that you’re taking the specific fruits and veggies on the specific times of the day and that you are not taking solid food.  If you miss a juice at a specific time, that’s okay too. Don’t stress out about it, just move onto to the next juice.

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Can I repeat the program for a 2nd week?


Can I repeat the program for a 2nd week? If yes, what type of results can I expect in the 2nd week?

Yes, you may repeat the program for a second week. Just as long as you are sure that your body can handle another week then it is fine.

If you would like to take the program for two weeks, I would suggest to start on day 5 and repeat the process.So, for example:

Day 8 would be the juice recipes of Day 5 in the book

Day 9 would be the juice recipes of Day 6

Day 10 would be the juice recipes of Day 7

Day 11 would be the juice recipes of Day 5

Day 12 would be the juice recipes of Day 6

Day 13 would be the juice recipes of Day 7

Day 14 would be the juice recipes of Day 5

Results are varied for each person, you may lose even more weight if you are still overweight or if you have already reached the ideal weight for your body then you will not lose weight anymore.

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